We are in the process of creating a guiding vision for the district.

The following statements reflect recurring themes from the community input we gathered at events, activities, interviews, and the online survey that took place this Fall.

We need your feedback!


What DISTINGUISHES the theater district?
What is PRECIOUS here?
What needs to CHANGE?
What is your VISION for the theater district?
How can we improve THEATER SQUARE?
How can we improve the COMMERCE STREET transit experience?
What kind of DEVELOPMENT do you want to see?

Download the summary of all survey responses:


We need to support the people and businesses who are already here and who make the Theater District what it is.

But, we want to see positive change here.

The Theater District is distinguished by its history, the performances and events that take place here, and its creative culture.

The theaters, historic architecture, and the open space here are precious.

We want the Theater District to be active and vibrant, all the time.

Transit is important to the vitality of the district.

More options for getting here, especially nights and weekends, are necessary.

And we want to feel comfortable and safe on Commerce Street.

Feeling comfortable and safe in the district requires more people out and about–day and night, on foot or by bike.

We also want streets and public space to be more inviting and be better cared for.

We want to see more amenities, events, and programming, for all ages and a wide range of interests.

We want to see more neighborhood-focused businesses, like grocery stores, and more restaurants and shops.

We want to see more people living here and more housing options for a diverse community.

But we are worried about gentrification, displacement, and maintaining affordability.

Artists, musicians, and other creatives are key to strengthening the community and economic base of the District.


Vision for the Theater District


The Tacoma Theater District will continue to be defined by a strong, diverse community of people who live and work here, who care about their neighborhood, and keep it vibrant day and night.

It will be a lively and eclectic neighborhood and an outstanding destination, with a dynamic network of streets, parks, and plazas that are rich with history and brimming with social activity.

Street life, commerce, and the arts will be supported by good public
transportation options that are comfortable and easy to use. Whether during the morning commute or late on a Saturday night, buses and light rail will offer everyone a favorable way to travel to and from the district.

The Theater District will be where locals and visitors, artists and audiences, congregate and interact in the midst of grand historic theaters and new arts
spaces. The ongoing creation, performance, and enjoyment of the arts will permeate the streets and public spaces every day.

Did we get it right? Did we miss something?

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